Deirdre Maloney is inspiring people to recognize their full potential in living a wholehearted life. Through her writing she helps individuals feel understood and sets an example of self-acceptance.


Although Deirdre struggled with low self worth, depression, anxiety and drug abuse, she was able to rise above the setbacks to truly create the life of her dreams. Deirdre is on a mission to turn her pain into purpose; helping others connect to themselves in a time where we are so disconnected from self and from others.


She is the founder of HighGate Racing; Canada’s largest all female competitive cycling team with an initiative to keep young women in sport. She has a sponsorship program for the Youth Development Team, providing financial aid and life skills to help these young women harness their power as athletes, students and community members. 

Deirdre is also the co-founder of a women’s healing circle in her community; offering a safe environment for women to share their struggles, fears and pain. She helps guide them to a path of healing. Deirdre and her husband Jon have 4 kids and live in Ontario, Canada.


An advocate for healthy living, Deirdre will be releasing a plant-based cookbook in January 2021. She is sharing all of her favourite recipes that are great for the entire family. Deirdre believes that health needs to be addressed in all areas to be optimal. Daily movement, healthy food, and self-care are all responsible for good mental health. Her hope is that more people will be curious to try more plant foods and experience the benefits that she has with her family. Ten percent of the profits from her cookbook and Unfold Me are donated to HighGate Racing.


Growth happens alongside the pain; when you're hurting, know that change is happening.

Deirdre Maloney

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