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In a time when censorship is at an all time high it is a healing breath of fresh air to read this book.
To find someone so brave in sharing such vulnerable parts of their heart and story is powerful. This is a true story, this is real life, this is what finding peace comes from and Deidre fills your cup with a healing journey and hope. The lingering feeling of knowing self worth is attfor self for days to come after reading. I picked this up and didn’t put it down until it was done! 💫

Laura Rees

This book is so inspiring. Deirdre is so authentic, and raw with her the story of her trauma. The grounding message though, is so positive. If she can overcome her past, anyone can!

Brandy Mullen

Raw, vulnerable, and real. You will be drawn into Deirdres' story. Your heart will break and mend through the traumas, trials, turbulence, and finally the triumphs that lead you,the reader, to her present day. Her bravery and courage to tell all will keep you reading until the last page.

Tracey Sullivan

I was captivated from the first page. “Unfold Me” is an eye opening

Cecilia Tement

‘Unfold Me’ is a moving and and real account of author Deirdre Maloney’s personal journey to find herself after trauma and reclaim her power after losing her innocence to a wide range of brutal experiences, including childhood sexual abuse, prostitution, drug addiction and human trafficking.

Deirdre’s candid tone and vulnerable writing perfectly describes how her perspective was skewed by multiple men taking advantage of her at a young age and addresses the very real problem of childhood sexual assault.

Her story, though heartbreaking, is also one of deep triumph and to see the phenomenally strong woman she has become today is beyond inspirational. This book is a must read and will leave you feeling changed in your understanding of the world and the importance of self love, healing and true transformation.   

Cara Galluzzo

This book takes you on journey, one that is sad, unfair, traumatic but yet beautiful. The whole way I was cheering Deidre on. I encourage everyone to read it. Raw and beautiful filled with love !


I found Deirdre’s book organically online and stopped in my tracks when I did. I reached out to ask for copies of it as I work with women in conflict with the law and felt that her story would give hope for healing and change. When I began to read the book I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for sharing your story!


Raw and beautiful — Unfold me is real and has so much love woven in to every word shared. Thank you Dee for sharing your story of struggles and strength. I’m beyond grateful for you and everything that you give the world.

Jenny Q

I’ve always been drawn to personal life stories from people who have had traumatic experiences. People who have shown perseverance and strength and have overcome all of the obstacles that life throws at them. Deirdre did not disappoint whatsoever with her story. She went through so much and she shows how the power of positivity and strength of will can transform your life if you just believe in yourself and follow your heart.
Thank you Deirdre for sharing your story with the world. Sometimes someone else’s darkness lights the path to another’s salvation.

Beata Fabiano

Reading Deirdre’s book was definitely an eye opener to how much this beautiful human have suffered and how much pain she’s endured...
I have met Deirdre many years ago at the gym, our children use to play together at the daycare, while we would workout and chat. We actually had a mutual friends and got together few occasions. It was always great times!
I had no idea how much pain Deirdre went through until I’ve read her book.
Thank you for sharing your life with our world, thank you for being so brave and so humble. This world needs more courageous women like yourself!
Keep shining your positive light.
Again, thank you & May God Bless you and your beautiful family🥰

Kerry McInerney

When I picked up 'Unfold Me' I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew parts of the story from reading Dee's blogs but I did not know the full extent of her story. As I started reading, I was taken on a journey of sadness, pain, darkness, and then into love, light and joy. I could not stop reading the unbelievable events that have led Dee to her life now.

A wonderfully written, engaging, story that each reader will gain something from.

Deirdre is nothing short of an inspiration.

This is definitely a book that will break your heart wide open and then fill it back up with love, hope and inspiration.

Holly Thompson

Absolutely raw, real, and Inspirational! This kind of authentic "showing up" in truth and sharing for the world to see will catapult others into authentic healing through honouring their own story of life! Deirdre is monumental in shifting people's view of themselves to help them reach their higher Self and thrive despite their past! What a gift of freedom you have provided to all that read your book!!

Stephanie Andrez

A beautiful book, written with such honesty. An inspirational woman, who uses her grief and love to move forward to inspire and support as she continues to build a life she dreamed of! Couldn't put it down.

Emilie Pavey Petras

Unfold Me is fiercely honest and revealing in giving the reader some insight into the pain and suffering that goes along with addictions and substance abuse.

The raw and vulnerable re-telling of the authors life is brave and courageous. You will applaud her along the way as you know with each fall she rises stronger then before.

Captivating, eye-opening, REAL. A book that shows us what the true human spirit is and that we should ALWAYS try one more time.

Thyra Condemi

Honest, raw, heartbreaking and uplifting. Deirdre has unfolded and let us in. You will not be able to put it down.

Nickole Condemi

Beautiful words written by a beautiful person. A MUST read!